Performance Management in a Box

Under Performance Management in a Box, we work with our clients in a tightly scoped and time-boxed effort to measurably increase the value they get out of their operational data. The outcomes enable them to more effectively manage subcontractors, demonstrate performance that matters towards customers, and ultimately manage end-to-end service performance to the right level for their product portfolio and market positioning.

In doing so, we combine preconfigured assets such as dataflows, analytics and reporting tools with in-depth, hands-on experience in working with forwarders, airlines, and ground handlers to drive up data correctness and completeness and then use this robust baseline to implement a data-driven and self-sustaining discipline for continuous improvement.

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What’s in the box?

A time-boxed effort to drive measurable improvement and strengthen in-house capability.

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Connecting the instrument panel

Connect preconfigured data-flows and dashboards to CDMP-C/F and operational data feeds.

1-2 weeks

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Running CCT diagnostics

Combine pre-built diagnostics and selective analytical deep-dives to identify key levers for driving up Correctness, Completeness, and Timeliness.

1-2 weeks

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Building a meaningful baseline

Address and close biggest gaps and blind spots by e.g., adjusting configurations and trigger points for milestone updates; focus on primary stations / lanes, applying 80:20 rule initially.

3-4 weeks

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Driving fact-based improvement cycles

Leverage improved measurability and fact-base for focused and tightly scoped improvement sprints to drive and demonstrate customer performance by addressing opportunities in supplier and internal process performance.

6-week “sprints” with 3 cycles each

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A proven toolkit

Preconfigured dataflows, enrichment logic, analytics and dashboards help accelerate the initial setup and allow us to quickly get to the important part: driving and demonstrating actual performance improvements.

Tried and tested

Dashboards and the analysis supported by them have been tested and refined with airlines, GHAs, and forwarders of different sizes.

Powerful drill-downs

Cargo iQ performance data is enriched with in-house operational data to provide meaningful drill-downs and segmentation e.g., by product and by customer.

Performance that matters

We provide a holistic view of performance, reflecting different levels in the air cargo value chain as well as differences in airlines’ service profile. This includes transit time and SLA performance as well as milestone performance against baseline and plan.

Broadly applicable

While some of the metrics leverage Cargo iQ rules, the overall concept is applicable independent of being Cargo iQ certified.

Making your data work for you

Where’s the value?

In contrast to many other domains, the challenge across the air freight value chain is typically not the availability of the underlying data. It is rather about connecting the right dots with the right business rules and focusing on the right metrics to measure and manage the aspects that ultimately reflect each player’s specific contribution to the end-to-end service performance. Performance Management in a Box can jump-start this effort and build a lasting in-house capability.

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For Forwarders

  • Improved visibility and process automation, internally and towards customers
  • Ability to manage subcontractor performance in line with the service promise towards shippers
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For Airlines

  • Improved supplier management, focusing on right metrics, based on robust data to drive end-to-end service performance
  • Improved yield by managing capacity against actual service commitments towards customers
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For Ground Handling Agents

  • Demonstrating true performance vis-à-vis airline customers by clearly delineating GHA controlled processes and respective SLAs
  • Ability to drive improvements in end-to-end service performance jointly with airline partners

Why Im3pact?

We have worked on data-driven performance management for more than two decades across forwarders, airlines, and ground handlers, both inside major industry players and in external consulting roles. We understand the value it can bring in terms of framing the right management discussions, demonstrating performance that matters towards customers, cutting out process waste, and driving automation.

Over multiple initiatives of this kind we have learned to recognize patterns and typical pitfalls. And we know what “good” looks like. By knowing which stones to turn, which levers to push, and which settings to tweak, we can help clients accelerate improvements and build positive momentum within their internal teams.

Preconfigured solution assets help us to keep the focus on impact and value rather than getting lost in tool discussions. This is not about shiny new reports but about building and advancing self-sustaining capabilities in our clients’ organizations.

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