Performance Management in a Box

by Im3pact

Posted on 03 Apr 2023

Stacked PMiB dashboards

We have packaged our learnings from working in different aspects of Performance Management across the air freight value chain over the past 20+ years in a powerful new Im3pact offering – Performance Management in a Box.

A common theme throughout our professional lives for the past 20+ years can be labeled as “Performance Management” – towards (shipper) customers to deliver and demonstrate service performance across the air freight value chain, towards suppliers whose performance we crucially relied on in delivering the service, and internally, to remove process waste and friction, driving quality and efficiency through automation. The power of smartly shaping and analyzing operational data to frame the right discussions, derive specific actions, and then actually see the impact of these actions reflected in the next iteration of the data can create tremendous positive momentum, even in large organizations. If done right, it moves “continuous improvement” from a mere catch phrase and aspiration to an actual discipline, embedded into an organization’s DNA.

We have now packaged our learnings from these 20+ years into an Im3pact offering that we call Performance Management in a Box or PMiB for short. PMiB specifically focuses on the air freight value chain across forwarders, airlines, and ground handlers – and their interaction to deliver an end-to-end service at global scale.

At its core, PMiB is a collection of preconfigured assets such as dataflows, analytical tools and reports. These are applied in a focused, time-boxed effort in which we work with our clients to “make their data work for them”. By doing so jointly, we can help jumpstart a very powerful, self-sustaining in-house capability for our clients.

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