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Pencil and sharpener, photo by Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga

From time to time we sharpen our pencil to provide news, insights, and our perspective on developments in our industry. Feel free to engage at info@im3pact.net.

Stacked PMiB dashboards

Performance Management in a Box

We have packaged our learnings from working in different aspects of Performance Management across the air freight value chain over the past 20+ years in a powerful new Im3pact offering – Performance Management in a Box.

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2x2 matrix plotting operators ability to influence gross profit at file level against ability to standardize processes.

Balancing GP and Productivity

With air and ocean freight rates continuing to come off their giddy, pandemic heights freight forwarders’ focus will once again shift to productivity, seeking to take as much of the remaining gross profit (GP) as possible to the bottom-line. As we hinted in a previous post, a closer look at the characteristics of the underlying business can help to balance this quest for increased efficiency with retaining the ability to exploit GP opportunities.

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Logistics Event Hub homepage

Le Hub - ONE Record for humans

Earlier this year we teamed up with Webhookie, Scan Global Logistics, KLM Cargo, and Swissport to participate (and actually win :-) in IATA’s ONE Record Hackathon in Amsterdam. In this post we look at what is new and different about ONE Record vis-à-vis the traditional message-based data exchange standards from a process and business perspective.

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Stick figure sketch with writing

The one (wo)man production plant

In a previous post we highlighted the resilience which the traditional freight forwarding model demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic and the crucial role that dedicated frontline staff played in their ability to deal with high-uncertainty decision making environments. In this post we will dive a bit deeper into what it is that makes skilled human operators so essential for the success of this model.

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The Im3pact forest

Looking back at 2021 and planting trees for 2022

Before this solar year winds down we want to say a heartfelt “thank you!” to the clients and partners we have had the privilege to work with during our first full year as Im3pact AG. We wish you and your loved ones some peace and restful holidays and a healthy start into the new year!

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A stiff breeze

Ruhiges Fahrwasser oder raue See?

Die Zahl der Unternehmen, die am internationalen Handel teilnehmen, steigt stetig, gleichzeitig befinden sich Handels- und Zollbestimmungen im ständigen Wandel, bedingt durch geopolitische, wirtschaftliche und beschaffungstechnische Veränderungen sowie zunehmend ökologisch nachhaltige Überlegungen.

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API hunt logo and clouds

We had a blast...

We had a blast with Hookie Solutions’ first webhookie API hunt on Sunday afternoon. It’s an Escape Room-like puzzler competition, run over automated web interfaces (“webhooks”, hence the “API” in the hunt).

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Bird's eye view of plane flying over a port terminal

In Praise of an Outdated Model

The traditional freight forwarding model has received lots of criticism for being stuck in the past, still relying on manual paper-based processes. There is undoubtly ample room for improvement. However, some of the criticism and the solutions proposed to overcome it miss an important point.

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